Seminar: Making microscopy data FAIR: Why? What? How?

Why would you want to share microscopy data? There are multiple reasons for this. First, storing and finding large image databases from a heterogeneous group of scientists can be very challenging, especially if they work at multiple locations. Second, to make research more efficient: if microscopy data was more findable and accessible, this could facilitate a broad range of scientists to make ground-breaking discoveries. So what do you need to this happen and how would you do it?

In this talk, we will present our plans for creating a national infrastructure for advanced light microscopy in life sciences. The platform will not only provide coordinated access to cutting-edge imaging technologies but also solutions and training for FAIR data. We will also discuss the challenges encountered and suggestions for other communities which would like to make their data FAIRer.

Who should come?

Anyone interested in making research practices more efficient.

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