Target Conference 2014: Big Data Across Disciplines: In search of Symbiosis

Big Data is becoming a vital tool to increase knowledge and insight across many disciplines: from fundamental scientific research to business and commerce. Building on a successful Target conference in 2013, Target aims to continue and expand the conversation about the obvious benefits and potential challenges in developing interdisciplinary Big Data solutions.

The second Target conference will bring together Big Data specialists, ICT researchers, e-scientists and traditional scientists from a variety of disciplines who will explore differences and commonalities in their approach to the three main stages in the Big data lifecycle:

  • Big Data acquisition and storage (Big Data technologies)
  • Big Data analysis (metadata and databases)
  • Big Data visualization

The conference sessions will be organized in a way that analyzes the three stages in the context of various research domains. Contributions are particular sought from the fields of astronomy, satellite data centres, bio-informatics & healthy aging, energy & sustainability, cultural heritage and smart environments.

The ultimate aim of the conference is to steer the separate Big Data communities towards a model for Big Data solutions that caters to the needs of individual disciplines while employing shared hardware, database technologies and computing infrastructures. In other words “Big Data across disciplines: in search of symbiosis”

For more information, visit the conference website.

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