Webinar: Origins and perspectives for FAIR Data with DTL

Digital Transformation is a key goal of many large and small companies, as well as of most research institutes today. However, a key prerequisite and enabler of digital transformation is computational accessibility and interoperability of data, as laid out in the FAIR Data principles.

The Hyve has been involved in the FAIR Data movement since the start, and for this webinar, our CEO Kees van Bochove will be talking to a very special guest, Ruben Kok, director of DTL.

DTL and its predecessor NBIC, as well as ‘spinoff’ GO-FAIR, have spent an enormous amount of effort in the past years on outreach, training, tools and community building around the FAIR Data Principles. Where do we stand today? What can we expect to see in the coming years for FAIR and FAIR biomedical data (e.g. Personal Health Train) in particular?

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