FAIR Data Stewardship

FAIR Data Stewardship combines the ideas of data management during research projects, data preservation after research projects, and the FAIR Principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability) for guidance on how to handle data.

At DTL we promote and advance FAIR Data Stewardship in the life sciences through our extensive partnerships and in close collaboration with our international network.

(FAIR) Data Stewardship is a responsibility of every researcher working with data.

However, due to the complex practical implementations these tasks are often delegated to Data Stewards.

Data Stewards are trained to professionally ‘handle data’. They ensure that research carried out at institutes, companies and in projects produces FAIR data along the data life cycle.

Their core responsibilities and tasks vary from policy advising and consultancy, to operational, and technical (IT) related tasks. They also vary between and among companies, universities, university medical centers and universities of applied sciences.



How is DTL involved?

Advancing FAIR data stewardship in life sciences is a core element of DTL’s focus.
Together with its partners, DTL:

creates, deploys and improves tools necessary for FAIR Data Stewardship in practice
advances the Data Stewardship Wizard which can be used for Data Management Planning
defines the necessary competences and learning outcomes as well as collects and advances resources for training and capacity building
expands the Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG) in which data stewards can connect, share skills and provide advice
organises diverse events such as lectures about FAIR and FAIR Data Stewardship, consulting sessions and workshops
manages FAIR data and data stewardship projects