Bring Your Own Data workshops

At a Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop, experts assist you in making your research data FAIR. The main goal of these three-day events is to make your data FAIR using linked data technology, and to combine your data with other FAIR datasets to answer a scientific question.

See which BYODs are on the calendar and contact us if you want to join.
Contact us if you want assistance in organising a BYOD.

At a BYOD, data owners, domain experts (usually biologists or chemists), and FAIR data experts jointly work on specific data sets. At the start, data owners present the data they wish to make FAIR. The data experts have extensive knowledge about FAIR data formats and principles, and support the data owners in choosing the optimal data model. In addition, they make sure that FAIR linked data is produced in the end. Domain experts can assist the data owners and data experts to solve intellectually challenging data modelling issues and to demonstrate the added value of FAIR data in answering specific research questions.

Read more about the basic elements of a BYOD and the rationale behind BYODs.

Organising a BYOD
DTL is happy to help you organise a BYOD. We have developed scripts, working documents, planning documents, a budget, and training materials for life science researchers and future data experts. Furthermore, we have a pool of FAIR data experts standing by, eager to share their knowledge. The general procedure is as follows:

  • Send us an email outlining the goal, motivation, possible data owners, and preferred dates of the BYOD.
  • DTL will contact you and set up the logistics.
  • Once it is clear which data owners will attend the prospective BYOD, DTL will contact the FAIR data experts. At least two data experts are needed per data owner, and preferably at least one domain expert.
  • A definitive date is set for the BYOD.
  • Webinars are planned in which the data owners learn more about linked data and the FAIR principles, and in which demonstration use cases/ research questions for the BYOD will be defined. Data owners will also receive documentation prior to the workshop.
  • A report/blog about the outcomes of the BYOD will be available at the DTL website.

FAIR Data Training
The need for linked and FAIR data experts is growing rapidly. Hence, the upcoming BYODs will function as hands-on training events for FAIR/linked data experts. Every BYOD will have at least one participant that is responsible for training the new experts, for monitoring lessons learned, and for producing written documentation about the experience gained and new data types modelled.

Previous BYODs
Since 2014, we have organised multiple BYODs, supporting organisations and companies in producing FAIR data (e.g., Human Protein Atlas, Enza Zaden, Rijk Zwaan, the rare disease community). Since 2016, we have also organised BYODs for projects such as ELIXIR EXCELERATE and Odex4all. Please find below an overview of BYODs that have taken place: