Organising a BYOD

Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of BYODs mentioned, or if you want to organise one yourself. DTL is happy to help out.

In general the procedure is as follows:

  • Send us an email outlining the goal, motivation, possible data owners and preferred dates of the BYOD.
  • DTL will contact you and set up the logistics.
  • Once it is clear which data owners will attend the prospective BYOD, DTL will contact the FAIR data experts. At least two data experts are needed per data owner, and preferably at least one domain expert.
  • A definitive date is set for the BYOD.
  • Webinars are planned in which the data owners learn more about linked data and the FAIR principles, and in which demonstration use cases/ research questions for the BYOD will be defined. Data owners will also receive documentation prior to the BYOD.
  • A report/blog about the outcomes of the BYOD will be available at the DTL website.