Community & Activities

In order to professionalize FAIR Data Stewards and to advance data handling and making data FAIR, DTL brings together users and experts. A large community of researchers from academia and industry and funders regularly come together to discuss common problems and opportunities.


Join an Interest Group:

New developments around Data Stewardship are discussed in DTL’s ‘Data Stewardship Interest Group’. Here, Data Stewards and people working with data share their knowledge and experiences.


Join a Focus Meeting:

Besides ‘Interest Groups’ DTL maintains so called ‘Focus Meetings’ around issues or problems that arise in multiple disciplines or are signaled to DTL by members of multiple groups.


Get trained in FAIR data or advance your FAIR data skills:

DTL provides hands-on training on FAIR data & software. This can be tailored to a certain problem or topic or generic. Furthermore we co-organize Bring Your Own Data workshops (for data) and FAIR Data Hackathons (for software & research tools).