FAIR Data Training

FAIR Data Training

With the FAIR principles emerging as  a crucial concept in all steps of research data cycle it is evident that  people need to become aware of, and knowledgeable in these principles. Training related to FAIR can take many forms. It can take on an helicopter view,  to raise awareness for the FAIR principles or it can target a very specific part of the data cycle in very much detail, and everything in between.  Furthermore, it can be generic (applicable in all research domains for all researchers) or  tailored to specific domain experts and  data, e.g.  medical researchers with patient data.  Also training related to  Data Management and Data Stewardship can be considered FAIR training.

We assemble these diverse training elements  under the umbrella term FAIR Data Training. We also offer 1-day, 2-day, workshops in FAIR Data, as well as 1-Week mini-schools. Please contact Erik Schultes if you are interested in organizing a workshop or mini-school.

Please find an below an overview of FAIR Data training and contact us at learning@dtls.nl if you have courses or course materials that you’d like to see added to the list.

Schools & courses

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