FAIR Data Stewardship workshop for DTL partners

On 3-4 November 2016 DTL organised a workshop on FAIR Data stewardship for discovery and innovation. The first day of the workshop, dedicated to providing a high level overview of the issues at hand, and showing concrete examples of FAIR data tools, was attended by 51 participants. The second day focussed on the technical aspects and was joined by 36 people.

Your input
We invite you to share your thoughts on which data sets you’d like to see made FAIR (the FAIR Data game).


Day 1:

Ruben Kok: Welcome & introduction
Jaap Heringa: (FAIR) Data Stewardship in Europe in 2017
Erik Schultes: (FAIR) Data Stewardship: Value to the researchers
Arie Baak: Euretos Knowledge platform
Jildau Bouwman: Phenotype DB
David van Enckevort: MOLGENIS
Derk Arts: Castor EDC
Andrew Stubbs: myFAIR
Rob Hooft: The Data stewardship plan
Luiz Bonino: The FAIR data ecosystem

Day 2:
Mark Thompson:

Mark Wilkinson:Interoperability and FAIRness through existing Web technologies