How to get there

Schiphol International Airport is situated between Leiden and Amsterdam.

Leiden is located in the west of the Netherlands, between The Hague and Amsterdam.

Trains travel from Schiphol to Leiden every 10 to 15 minutes. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes

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Buy a single-use chipcard

Costs € 5,80.


Checking in and out at the gates and poles

By holding your single-use chip card in front of the card reader at the gate, you can open the gates and check in simultaneously. You will hear a single tone when the reader reads your card. At the end of your journey, simply hold your card in front of the card reader at the gate to open the gate and check out. You will hear two tones to indicate that you have checked out successfully. At the platform, there are poles where you can check out and in again if you are continuing your journey with another transport company. If you are not transferring to another company, simply check out at the gates








Leiden Central Station is right in the city centre within walking distance of the big hotels and many conference and event locations. The taxi stand can be found on top of the bicycle parking facility in the centre of Stationsplein. You can also opt to experience the Dutch way of transport: by bike!

You can rent bikes in the vicinity of the station.

You can reach Leiden city centre by car using the A4, A44 and N11 motorways. The city centre is a low-traffic zone, but Leiden also has a unique City Parking plan. From a parking location at the edge of the historical city centre, you can reach any desired location using a free shuttle bus service. In summer, you can also be transported to the city centre by water taxi.