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Barend Mons

Barend Mons is a molecular biologist by training (PhD Leiden University 1986) and spent over 15 years in malaria research. After that he gained experience in computer-assisted knowledge discovery, which is still his research focus. He spent time with the European Commission (1993-1996) and with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Barend also co-founded several spin off companies. Currently , Barend is Professor in Biosemantics at the Human Genetics department of Leiden University Medical Center, is Head of Node for ELIXIR-NL at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences, Integrator Life Sciences at the Netherlands eScience Center, and board member of the Leiden Centre of Data Science. In 2014, Barend initiated the FAIR data initiative and in 2015, Barend Mons was appointed Chair of the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group for the “European Open Science Cloud”, DG Research and Innovation.


Erik SchultesErik Schultes is FAIR Data Scientific Projects Lead at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences and at the Human Genetics Department at the LUMC. Erik’s research interests focus on mapping the growth of biomedical knowledge and the development of tools that help biologists create, find, access, annotate, and share biomedical data. Erik has directed the content development for the 2016 LERU Summer School on Data stewardship for Discovery and Innovation.


Ton RaapTon Raap is professor Molecular Cell Biology at the LUMC, the Medical Faculty of Leiden University. Ton’s research interest is  in molecular cytogenetics and the biology of mitochondria. He coordinates and teaches in several modules of the Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Biopharmaceutical Sciences curricula. Ton also coordinates  LUMC’s Graduate School.  For Leiden University, Ton is member of LERU’s Doctoral School Community and along with Barend Mons and Erik Schultes proposed the 2016 LERU Summer School Data stewardship for Discovery and Innovation.


Portret MaschaMascha Jansen coordinates several FAIR Data projects for the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL), and is COO of the FAIR-dICT project. She is executive assistant of Barend Mons and studied biotechnology in Wageningen, with a strong emphasis on human health and science communication. After graduating she worked for several health organizations and the Dutch biobank organization BBMRI-NL. Mascha supports content development in the 2016 edition of the LERU Summer School.


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