Sunday July 10
19.00 – 21.00 Registration & informal get together, Restaurant Fitland Hotel


Monday July 11 Historical Overview & Data Capture
Take away: We are the new generation of information scientists

9.15 Opening by Prof. Ton Raap (LUMC)

9.30 Dr Erik. Schultes (LUMC & LIACS) – The growth of knowledge

10.20 Prof Barend Mons (LUMC) – Data stewardship & FAIR Data

11.20 Keynote: Dr Myles Axton (NPG Nature Genetics) – Big Science is Open Science

13.30 Dr Luiz Bonino (VU, DTL) – Ontology engineering

14.20 Dr Katy Wolstencroft (LIACS) – Rightfield: Semantic Annotation of Data

15.05 Summary & preview Day 2

16.30- 17.30 Rector’s reception, welcoming words by Drs. Willem te Beest, vice president Executive Board Leiden University


Tuesday July 12 Linking Data
Take away: Making data ‘sharable’

9.30 Dr Marco Roos (LUMC) – Linking data & BYOD

10.20 Dr Paul Groth (Elsevier) – Recent advances at Elsevier Labs

11.20 Keynote: Prof. Frank van Harmelen (VU) – Rise of the Social Machines

13.30 Prof. Jaap van den Herik (LCDS) & Rob van Eijck (Leiden University) – Big Data and Judicial Decisions

14.20 Student discussions/presentations

15.30 Summary & preview Day 3

17.30- 18.30 Reception at Town hall, welcoming words by Dr. Marleen Damen, municipal executive councilor,


Wednesday July 13 Publication and Curation of Data
Take away: New modes of digital communication and exchange

9.30 Dr Tobias Kuhn (VU) – Nanopubications

10.20 Keynote: Dr Francoise Genova (Observatoire de Strasbourg) – The Astrophysics Data Ecosystem

11.35 Dr Ignasi Labastida (Creative Commons) – Digital licensing

13.30 Dr Mark Thompson (LUMC) – Manual, machine & community annotation; annotator tools demo

14.00 Open Science Framework (Center for Open Science) video link, by Mark Spitzer and Dr Courtney Soderberg

14.50 Student discussions/presentations

15.30 Summary & preview Day 4

17.00- 19.30 Visit Anatomic Museum & Leiden boat tour (departure 18.00), Leiden Center


Thursday July 14  Analysis Across Data Sets
Take away: What becomes possible when data is interoperable

9.30 Dr. Eleni Mina (LUMC) –Huntington Disease: a case study

10.20 Prof. Mark Wilkinson (UPM) – Behind the scenes of the FAIR Skunk Team

11.20 Keynote: Dr Nicky Hekster (IBM) – Watson for Medicine

13.30 Dr Kristina Hettne (LUMC) – Gene-Disease Associations: Concept profiles & the implicitome

14.20 Student discussions/presentations

15.30 Summary & preview Day 5

19.00 -21.00 LERU Summer School dinner, dinner speech by Prof David Bogle, UCL & Chair LERU Doctoral Studies Community


Friday July 15 Open Science
Take away: Putting it all together: Data ecosystems

9.30 Jan van Rijn: OpenML

10.20 Keynote Closure: Dr Paul Ayris (UCL/LERU) – The future infrastructure for Open Science

11.35 Final discussion and departing remarks