Summer School 2016

LERU Summer School 2016: Data Stewardship for Scientific Discovery and Innovation
Leiden, 10-15 July 2016

Existing methods of scholarship, scientific discovery and communication (publishing research articles) have been in place for hundreds of years. But as the amount of data being generated, either collectively or in any single study increases, methods that worked so well before, are now impeding the discovery potential latent within large and heterogeneous data. Out-dated methodologies for and incentives behind data generation, capture, processing, interlinking and analysis make data hard to find, hard to integrate and impossible to analyze. Without effective data management plans and data stewardship protocols, valuable data sets are increasingly at risk of being lost.

Robust data stewardship and data publication in machine-readable format is swiftly becoming an essential skill for participation in professional science, and are becoming more and more the responsibility of the data-generator whether they come from academic research or private companies and governmental organizations. Beyond technical challenges, there are also interdependent ethical, legal and societal issues at stake.

The LERU Summer School Data Stewardship for Scientific Discovery and Innovation will prepare its participants for the future of complex, data-intensive, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary scientific methods and collaborations.