Jump on the train

The PHT is a public-private enterprise. We are now soliciting partners to jump on the train and make the PHT a reality through collaboration and by jointly acquiring funding.

We distinguish two kinds of partners:

  • Formal consortium partners have committed to:
    • collaborate towards the full realisation of the Personal Health Train infrastructure
    • adhere to the FAIR principles
    • adhere to the rules of engagement
    • contribute either in kind or in cash to the Personal Health Train project
  • Associated partners have committed to:
    • collaborate with the consortium on specified subprojects towards the common goal of a Personal Health Train or a complementary federated data infrastructure for personal health research
    • adhere to the FAIR principles
    • keep the PHT coordinators informed about other initiatives within the PHT scope

Hop aboard!

Please fill out this form if you’d like to join the Personal Health Train.