Vision 2025: large infrastructure for NL medicine and health research

Today life sciences and health research in the Netherlands encompass outstanding basic and translational research programmes directed towards optimising health via personalised prevention, prognosis, as well as prediction, guidance and monitoring of precision treatment in numerous diseases.

A vision has now been worked out how the Netherlands can set course for a collective (and connective) medicine and health research infrastructure in the year 2025, with an eye on the P4 medicine and health research field in 2025 and beyond, and strongly rooted in programmes of today. Development of this vision was coordinated by BBMRI-NL, EATRIS-NL and DTL/ELIXIR-NL, and was done with input of many colleagues in the field. The collective vision has been created in response to the ‘call for dreams’ on large infrastructures of the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

In 2025, we envisage a globally unique research infrastructure in the Netherlands that will both drive and support cross-disciplinary research into personalized medicine & health and optimize personalized healthcare.

The overall aim is to enable frontier science and technology development in these areas with high reproducible output. The infrastructure will become the national platform for high-quality experimental design and high-quality measuring, with high-quality data stewardship and high-quality data analytics.

For more information, please contact DTL director Ruben Kok.

The documents can be downloaded here:

1] Health-RI vision 2025

2] Link with NL science and topsector agendas