Health-RI Data Interest Group

The Health-RI Data Interest Group unites people involved in data-intensive health research in the Netherlands. The group meets frequently and has a specific goal (i.e., forming the operational branch of the Health-RI infrastructure). 

Team members

The team of active members is assembled from Dutch large data-related projects like BBMRI-NL and TraIT, as well as people representing the Dutch efforts in international projects and organisations like ELIXIR and CORBEL.

Currently (October 2017), the Health Care Data team consists of:

  • Jeroen Beliën, VU University Medical Center, VUmc, Amsterdam (Chair)
  • Ruud Ross, SURFsara, Amsterdam
  • Kees Burger, DTL and LUMC, Leiden
  • David van Enckevort, University Medical Center Groningen
  • Péter Horvatovich, RUG, Groningen
  • Stefan Klein, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
  • Hailiang Mei, SASC, LUMC, Leiden
  • Saskia Hilteman, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
  • Jochem Bijlard, The Hyve, Utrecht
  • Erik van Iperen, AMC, Amsterdam
  • Jildau Bouwman, TNO, Zeist
  • Rob Hooft, DTL


The Health-RI Data Team update each other every two weeks on the latest developments in the projects they are involved in. This allows us to identify potential synergies between the national initiatives and the national involvement in international initiatives at an early stage. Minutes of these biweekly meetings are sent around broadly to interested parties. Three times per year the group comes together face to face for strategic alignment and self-reflection.