Next Generation Sequencing Interest Group

Task description

This Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) interest group aims to bring researchers and bioinformaticians who are working with NGS data together to share best practice and foster future collaborations. Because NGS technology has been applied to different sectors ranging from human medicine to plant genomics, this interest group covers a wide range of topics too.

  • Genomics variants analysis (e.g., SNP, SV, CNV, fusion-gene, variant sharing/filtering)
  • Functional genomics (e.g., RNAseq, methylome, ChIP-seq, QTLs, Chromatin Conformation-seqs)
  • Clinical-oriented (e.g., pedigree based analysis)
  • Cancer genomics (e.g., cell heterogeneity, pathway)
  • De novo assembly
  • Metagenomics (ref to
  • new generation of NGS technology (e.g., Nanopore, optical mapping)
  • Production pipeline (e.g., reproducibility, scalability, computing and storage infrastructure best practice)
  • NGS Data Integration: integrate data from different sources (transcriptomics, proteogenomics, epigenetics).


The main activities of this IG are to organize meetings in different levels and to support trainings and multi-center projects

  • DTL focus meetings that target at a specific topic for all level of members
  • NGS PI meeting once every half year for PI level to share project updates, future plans to gain synergy.
  • NGS programmer meet-ups every two months to discuss hands-on problem (during the walk-in hours at the bi-monthly DTL programmers meetings)
  • NGS courses offered via BioSB research school
  • Fostering local NGS Community to support Elixir, NFU’s research4lifescience, BBMRI, Hartwig, FAANG etc.

This interest group is ran by a core team with the following volunteered members:

  • Hendrik-Jan Megens (WUR)
  • Harmen van de Werken (Erasmus MC)
  • Victor Guryev (UMCG)
  • Christian Gilissen (UMCN)
  • Christian Rausch (VUMC)
  • Ies Nijman (UMCU)
  • Lars Eijssen (Maastricht University)
  • Remco Ursem (RijkZwaan)
  • Leon Mei (LUMC, chair)

To be become a member

Members should be people working in the Netherlands (either in public or private sector) who are interested in bioinformatics analysis of NGS data and with reasonable hands-on experience. If you wish to join this interest group or have question about it, please contact Leon Mei.