Traineeship FAIR Research Data Reviews – DANS-KNAW – Den Haag

We are looking for a trainee who is interested to study and implement the FAIR principles of data reviewing in a practical context, to think about and to set up a new review questionnaire, to improve the workflow and to apply it in a trusted digital archive, to analyse the quality of the review information we collect, and also to suggest the ways in which we design and present the tool to the users. Continue reading

Utrecht University – PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroimaging: Relating the human brain’s responses to stimulus timing across the senses

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to investigate the human brain’s responses to the timing of events in different sensory modalities using advanced analyses of ultra-high-field (7T) fMRI data. The project will focus on presenting multisensory stimuli of varying timing in the scanner and developing model-based analyses of the resulting fMRI responses. Continue reading