ENPICOM – Full stack software developer

As a full-stack developer in our team, you will have a key role in the architecture, design, implementation and integration of our software products. You will work closely with our bioinformatics scientists and possibly our customers to create bleeding-edge biomedical software used by life scientists. You will be involved at every step of the lifecycle of our software products, including customer deployment. Continue reading

Wageningen UR – PhD position ‘Finding genes for traits using systems genetics’

In this project you will develop and apply systems genetics approaches to integrate QTL analysis with various kinds of molecular interaction data. By combining gene annotation and genetic variation with gene expression and phenotype measurements, you will identify molecular networks underlying plant traits. These will serve to identify key regulatory genes and predict the effects of naturally occurring genetic variants. Continue reading

Wageningen UR – Assistant professor crop physiology

We seek a highly motivated plant/crop physiologist or agronomist. The focus of the research is: (i) furthering the knowledge on the physiology of crops under diverse environmental and management conditions, (ii) integration of this knowledge in quantitative crop models. Research involves collaboration with public and private partners, both in the temperate and (semi-)tropical regions. Continue reading