Lygature – Program Manager

Are you an ambitious life science PhD who believes in pioneering medicine together? Someone who has in-depth scientific knowledge, and wants to develop the organizational and communication skills to manage public-private partnership research projects on an European scale? Make the next move towards a challenging and rewarding career by becoming a Program Manager in the team at Lygature – the Netherlands’ leading translational research facilitator. Continue reading

University of Amsterdam – Assistant professor in Computational Neuroscience

The Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience group of the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS) is seeking a highly qualified and motivated Assistant Professor to conduct collaborative research and teaching in Computational Neuroscience. The candidate will focus on computational modelling in the context of a recently proposed theoretical framework on representation, consciousness and multimodal integration in the brain, and will in addition develop methods for advanced analyses of neural data gathered by e.g. ensemble recordings and population imaging with cellular resolution. Continue reading

TU Delft – Post-doc in Yeast Synthetic Biology

To obtain deep understanding of biological systems, as well as to construct efficient and robust cell factories, tools for large-scale engineering of microbial genomes are required. In 2013 the ‘CRISPR-Cas revolution’ has reached the industrially relevant model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In this project we aim to push the limits of CRISPR-based genome editing, thereby expanding the synthetic biology toolbox in this yeast. Continue reading