UMC Utrecht – Bio-informaticus Genetica, sectie Genoomdiagnostiek

Je geeft leiding aan het team van bio-informatici. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor het operationeel houden en innoveren van de bio-informatica en software in een diagnostische omgeving. Je werkt samen met collega’s van de secties genoom- en metabole diagnostiek, maar ook met ict-/clusterbeheer binnen de divisie Laboratoria, Apotheek en Biomedische Genetica. Continue reading

LUMC – PhD candidate Human Genetics

Although the genetic cause of these muscular dystrophies differs, the pathology is similar. The research that you will be a part of as a PhD student aims to slow down disease progression by inhibiting transcripts of genes that code for proteins that play a crucial role in the disease process in model systems. We thereby hope to improve muscle quality and function, regardless of the type of muscular dystrophy. Continue reading

Utrecht University – Lab Technician Proteomics

You will assist in small research projects, with the MS-based proteomics workflows consisting of sample preparation, clean up, sequencing, characterization and quantitation of peptides and proteins. You will support the proteomics research by maintaining analytical equipment such as the HPLC (RP, SEC, IEX, HpH), pipettes, centrifuges, etc. Furthermore, you will maintain the stock of consumables and materials and where needed assist in testing and improving the used setup. In addition, you might partly support in cell culturing methods, cell line development, transfections and/or transductions of cells and associated techniques and maintenance of equipment related to cell culturing. Continue reading

Genetwister – Senior Software engineer

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our software development team in Wageningen, The Netherlands. If you want to build software solutions to analyze and visualize complex genomic data but also contribute to develop an environment in which pipelines and tools from other departments of the company can be integrated, take a look at the detailed job description. Continue reading

Radboudumc – PhD candidate ‘Central areolar choriodal dystrophy’

In this project, we aim to understand the relationship between PRPH2 mutations and the onset of CACD, and to develop allele-specific therapeutic strategies. For this, we will use state-of-the-art sequencing methods and molecular techniques, and a variety of cellular models including patient-derived fibroblast cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, and retinal organoids. Continue reading

Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology – Computational Scientist, Group Rios

You will be heading the computational efforts within the Rios group and collaborate with a strongly integrated team of computational experts from different groups within the institute, with connections to bioinformatics and computational groups within Utrecht. Your goal will be to exploit at maximum the information contained in large 3D imaging data sets. You will be given the opportunity to set up and drive your own research projects in the field of computational imaging and complex data analytics. Continue reading