BaseClear – Junior Bioinformatician


BaseClear is a contract laboratory specialised in DNA analysis. For all areas in which DNA plays a key role, BaseClear has been offering services in the form of convenient and high-quality solutions. BaseClear distinguishes itself by having a highly customer orientated approach, working in close collaboration with customers to develop solutions specifically matched to their needs.

BaseClear offers a number of service packages based on the innovative Next Generation sequencing technologies.
Our building is located at Leiden Bio Science Park and hosts a continuously growing team of more than 60 employees. With hard work and great enthusiasm, for almost 25 years we have built a large international clientele. BaseClear aims to continuously expand its service package, with a growing role for NGS and bioinformatics services. Management of “big data” and the development of advanced lab support software play a crucial role.

For our growing Bioinformatics department, we are currently looking for enthusiastic and motivated candidates for the function of:


The candidate will be mainly responsible for data management and analysis of genome and transcriptome sequencing in NGS projects. This primarily includes applying existing pipelines to raw NGS data and preparing the data and results for the client. Further, he/she will work on the development and optimisation of bioinformatics analysis software and pipelines with a focus on offering them as commercial services. Therefore, the candidate will be responsible also for keeping the team up-to-date with the newest developments in the market. Finally, he/she will work on other (internal) projects, such as the automation of analysis for the Microbiology, Sequencing and Molecular Biology departments. He/she will work as part of a highly motivated team of scientists and technicians.

We are looking for:
A result orientated, enthusiastic candidate with up to 2 years work experience in the field of bioinformatics who lives near Leiden and wants to work full-time (40 hours a week). An excellent knowledge of Python and in-depth knowledge of NGS technologies are essential. Additional experience of Perl, R, Docker containers and an understanding of laboratory management and quality systems are of benefit. The candidate should have a commercial attitude supported with excellent communication and presentation skills, as well as a high level of energy and ambition. Good knowledge of the English language is a requirement. The successful candidate must be able to work well both independently and within a team and be able to meet strict deadlines.

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Bioinformatics with demonstrable bioinformatics, programming and DNA sequence analysis experience.

A challenging fulltime (40 hours) position in a growing high-tech company, with a high degree of independence and teamwork.The successful candidate will work on the cutting edge of the rapidly advancing fields of genome and transcriptome analysis using the latest NGS technologies, where he/she will have the chance to make a direct positive impact on the society in a commercial setting. The position initially involves an appointment for a fixed term of employment. Salary is dependent on the candidates’ qualifications and experience.

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