LUMC – Postdoc SUMO & Mitosis


As a member of our research group you will investigate the mechanisms and functional consequences of post-translational protein modification by SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier). You will study the important roles of SUMOylation in cell cycle progression at a proteome-wide level and at the level of individual target proteins. We expect that targeting SUMO signal transduction in cancer cells will yield a novel anti-cancer therapy.

Our group is interested in the mechanisms and functional consequences of post-translational protein modification by SUMO. We integrate biochemistry, cell biology and proteomics approaches and employ state-of-the art microscopes and mass spectrometers to obtain novel insights in SUMO signal transduction in cell cycle progression. We have previously uncovered a key role for SUMO in cell cycle progression, and shown that SUMO-2/3 are able to form chains in an ubiquitin-like manner. These chains then cooperate with the ubiquitin-proteasome system to control target proteins. Furthermore, we have recently developed innovative methodology to study SUMOylation and crosstalk between SUMOylation and other post-translational modifications in a cell-wide manner.

In short:

  • You are a PhD in a biomedical field
  • You have an interest in researching SUMO
  • You have experience with the topic
  • You are a strong communicator


You have obtained a PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences or a similar field and have a strong background in protein purification, protein biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. Experience with the cell cycle and ubiquitin-like proteins will be a distinct advantage whereas experience in mass spectrometry is not required. You should be highly motivated, enthusiastic and creative as well as skilled and results-driven. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a must.


At the Leiden University Medical Center, we continuously work on improving patient care. We invest in groundbreaking, international research and work with the latest equipment. Together with our team of doctors, medical specialists, teachers, academic researchers and supporting staff, we aim for the best quality in health care, education and international research. And we need you to realize our goals!


Department of Cell and Chemical Biology
The LUMC is a center for medical innovation that aims to improve patient care through leading international research. So as to also provide our patients with a safe and friendly environment, we need doctors, medical care specialists, support staff and academic researchers. Within the Department of Cell and Chemical Biology, a team of professionals investigates functional regulation of proteins by post-translational modifications including SUMOylation, ubiquitylation and phosphorylation. This enables us to improve our knowledge about fundamental processes of life at the molecular level and to improve our knowledge about disease-linked de-regulation of these processes.

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