UMC Utrecht – PhD candidate MR-Linac

Job description
During external beam radiotherapy of prostate cancer, the target volumes can exhibit significant motion on various timescales. The MR-Linac system will allow tracking and countering of these motions with unprecedented precision, possibly sparing healthy tissue and delivering higher doses to the target volumes. You will be working on the development of fast intervention strategies using ‘on-line’ (real-time) treatment plan adaptation in prostate radiotherapy. We have an extensive library of 4D cine-MR data available, which enables the motion characteristics of prostate and surrounding tissues to be studied with high spatial and time resolution. Based on these data, you will develop tools for real-time determination of relevant features for robust motion tracking. Using these features and fast re-planning software developed in our hospital, we will design and test clinically feasible and effective re-optimization methods to fully account for prostate motion. You will be actively involved in the clinical application of these methods both on the MR-Linac and on conventional CT-based treatment machines.

You have an MSc in computer science, (applied) physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, medical imaging or a related field, with skills/experience in scientific reporting/presenting, image processing, and computer programming. Proficiency in English and knowledge of radiotherapy treatment planning and imaging would be a distinct advantage. You are enthusiastic about working together closely with other members of our multidisciplinary radiotherapy team to progress from scientific prototyping to actual clinical application. Your responsibilities will also include publishing and presenting research results.

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