PhD candidate Proteogenomics

Job description
The goal of this PhD project is to critically improve interpretation of personal genome sequences using information on the sequences, structures and function of RNAs and proteins relevant for the cells or tissue of interest. The candidate will develop approaches to optimally use and integrate public and in-house full-length PacBio RNA sequencing data and bottom-up and top-down proteomics data. These approaches will be applied to a diverse set of medical conditions including immune, metabolic and intellectual disability disorders. By providing the atlases and software to the community and implementing the new algorithms into existing variant effect prediction software, this project will set the stage for wider use of transcriptome and proteome data in personalized medicine approaches.

You hold a Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics, hold a degree in Computer Science with proven knowledge of statistics and molecular biology or hold a degree in one of the biomedical sciences with proven programming skills. You must demonstrate a strong dedication to research and be interested in resolving important biomedical research questions with novel computational approaches. You have ample experience with programming languages like Python and R, as well as command line scripting languages. You work in a structured way, document your code and results and use version control systems (like Git). You are flexible and communicative, know how to explain your research to peers within and outside your field and enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team.

The Center for Biomolecular and Molecular Informatics is well known for the development of new computational approaches for the study of the genetic variation and commonly used tools and webservices for protein function and structure prediction. With the arrival of the new department head, Prof. Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen, the department is focusing on joint research projects with the Human Genetics and other departments in Radboudumc into personalized diagnostics and personalized medicine approaches based on the analysis of molecular –omics profiles. The department puts emphasis on the reusability of data, software and services following the FAIR principles.

Radboudumc strives to be a leading developer of sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare to improve the health and wellbeing of people and society in the Netherlands and beyond. This is the core of our mission: To have a significant impact on healthcare. To get a better picture of what this entails, check out our strategy.

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