Princess Máxima Center – Post-Doctoral molecular genetic researcher

Tasks and responsibilities
The Molenaar group aims at the translation of molecular genetic knowledge on pediatric solid tumors in new clinical applicable therapeutic interventions. There is a specific focus on pediatric neuroblastoma which is a tumor type with a very poor prognosis. For this tumor we have extensive molecular genetic characterization including Whole Genome Sequencing, mRNA expression, methylation, epigenetic analysis and compound sensitivity data. Integrative analysis has led to identification of several potential targets for intervention (ATRX, CDK4/6, CDKN2A, RAS/MEK. BCL2 etc.).

The postdoc will directly assist two PhD students involved in the research on ATRX and CDKN2A and he/she should be the molecular expert that collaborates with the other Postdoc and PhD students. The next goal is, to use our molecular data for further target identification, to validate these genomic aberrations for therapeutic interventions in vitro and in vivo and to identify combination treatment regimens. Model systems include tumor organoids and in vivo PDX models.

Skills and education
The Post Doc should be confident with the analysis of genomic data and the use of state of the art molecular genetic techniques for target validation (e.g. CRISPR/CAS9, lentiviral transfection systems, genetic cloning etc.). The Post Doc has to be ambitious and should have the capacity to support and guide PhD students with their molecular work. Eventually the postdoc should set out his own research lines and support his research with competitive grants.

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