UMC Groningen – IT expert for the development of ProTRAIT a national advanced IT infrastructure

Job description

The IT expert will be assigned to work package 4 of this project. Different radiotherapy-specific tools will be developed that enable the management of DICOM RT data in TraIT. Furthermore, tools will be developed that can be used by the associated radiotherapy departments within secured workspaces in the TraIT environment to evaluate and improve the quality of photon and proton therapy treatment plans and contoured structures.
More specifically:

  1. Development of software tools to store, manage, distinguish and interpret radiotherapy-specific data (3D CT/MR/PET-images, 3D dose distributions, contours, registration objects etc) in the open source imaging informatics software platform XNAT. The tools should be incorporated in the existing TraIT Bio-Medical Imaging Archive (BMIA).
  2. Development of tools that can be used in the secured workspaces offered via TraIT:
    1. Development of tools for the evaluation of radiotherapy treatment plans
    2. Development of tools for (deformable) image registration
    3. Development of contouring atlases to enable automatic generation of contours in 3D medical images used for radiotherapy treatment planning.


  • Academic level of education
  • Skilled at programming in Java, Python and Bash
  • Experience with DICOM data
  • Experience with XNAT
  • Experience with Linux (deb and/or rpm based preferred)
  • Excellent team player, thorough in documentation, clear in communication
  • Affinity with open source software in general and highly motivated to contribute to open source software for medical research
  • Affinity with research and medicine
  • Experience with designing, implementing and testing of complex ICT-systems
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or English

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