University of Amsterdam – Postdoctoral researcher plant molecular biology

Job description

The Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS), one of the largest institutes of the Faculty of Science, is seeking a Postdoctoral researcher plant molecular biology.
The postdoctoral researcher will isolate RNA from plant material treated with strigolactones and send this material for sequencing. He/she will subsequently analyse the RNAseq data and will look for processes that are controlled by strigolactones and can explain the resulting phenotypes, using a range of data analysis tools, including network analysis. The postdoc will suggest new experiments to further pinpoint the underlying mechanisms using further gene expression analysis and plant hormone analysis, if cross-talk with other hormone pathways seems to be involved.
He/she will supervise 2 part-time technicians who will help with plant hormone analysis and candidate gene verification. Together with the technicians, the researcher will design new experiments to confirm the mechanisms identified.


  • The candidate we are looking for has completed a PhD. He/she has expertise in molecular plant physiology and analysis of RNAseq data/bioinformatics in plants with a strong bioinformatics background.
  • Furthermore we are looking for a team-player, with good command of English.
  • He/she will create and analyse RNAseq data from which mechanisms controlled by strigolactones will be inferred that will be further investigated using a range of experimental approaches.
    Affinity with plant hormones and/or stress responses is an asset.

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