Wageningen UR – Assistant professor crop physiology

We offer a position at the assistant professor level. The position will include teaching (45%), research (45%) and general management tasks and service to society (10%). The teaching will be in the area of crop science and crop physiology and will be at the level of BSc, MSc and PhD students. Supervision of PhD candidates is also a major part of the job description. The candidate will develop, in consultation and collaboration with the other team members, her/his own research line that matches the long term strategy of both the Crop physiology team and the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis. An integrated approach including a combination of experimentation and modelling will be required. Activities include writing research proposals for external funding.

We seek a highly motivated plant/crop physiologist or agronomist. The focus of the research is: (i) furthering the knowledge on the physiology of crops under diverse environmental and management conditions, (ii) integration of this knowledge in quantitative crop models. Research involves collaboration with public and private partners, both in the temperate and (semi-)tropical regions.


We are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:

  • A PhD in the area of plant sciences, crop physiology or agronomy.
  • Proven affinity to and experience in teaching.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  • A strong publication record in top quality journals.
  • Well-developed experimental and modelling skills.
  • Experience in acquiring and managing externally-funded research projects.
  • Hands-on experience in photosynthesis physiology is a plus.

EMPLOYER – Wageningen University & Research
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This is a position within the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA), part of the Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University. The Centre is a federation of two chair groups, which are closely interacting in all aspects of their daily activities. The chair groups include Crop physiology and Crop and weed ecology. The candidate will be a member of the Crop physiology chair. Both chairs are strongly committed to excellent research and teaching providing the scientific basis for the development of high-quality plant production in sustainable agro-ecosystems. CSA focuses on understanding the functioning of crops from underlying physiological and community ecological processes. The Centre for Crop Systems Analysis also seeks synergy with social sciences for greater impact of research and teaching.

Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) is internationally renowned for its research and education in the fields of life sciences, plant improvement and sustainability. Through these activities we aim to make essential contributions to the quality of life.

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