Netherlands X-omics initiative

The Netherlands X-omics Initiative aims to radically improve technological approaches to study biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites. This will help researchers understand the fundamentals of life, which is crucial to unravel mechanisms of health and disease. 

World-renowned Dutch experts in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and data integration & analysis have launched the Netherlands X-omics Initiative. The initiative will realise a truly integrated X-omics research infrastructure across the Netherlands that enables researchers from universities, academic hospitals and companies to answer their questions by

  • pushing technological boundaries in each omics field by improving sensitivity, coverage, and quality of analysis,
  • studying smaller sample volumes and larger sample numbers at reduced costs,
  • integrating data from different omics approaches,
  • providing direct access to the most advanced omics facilities in the world.

Ultimately, the Netherlands X-omics initiative will help us tackle large societal challenges related to personalised medicine and health, food safety and food supply, climate change, a bio-based economy, and potentially many more. A partnership to prepare for our future.