Working on research software? Please take the Research Software Engineer Survey

The Netherlands Research Software Engineer community (NL-RSE) would like to invite everyone working on research software in the Netherlands to complete the RSE survey and spread the word. Take the survey. The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to express your views about your current job and give us information about your career path. We hope the information will help funders,… Continue reading

Dutch Cancer Society announces call: Supporting Facilities for Cancer research

The Supporting Facilities Grant should give an impulse to existing or new infrastructure initiatives that support oncological scientific research. The Cancer Society assumes that the infrastructure initiative will aim for sustainable embedding. That is why the plan should consist of the following three components: initiation, consolidation, and complete independence. The application procedure consists of a pre-proposal and a complete application.… Continue reading

Cyclomics wins Venture Challenge Fall 2017

At the Dutch Life Sciences Conference 2017, Chrétien Herben, director of the LifeSciences@Work Accelerator, announced Cyclomics as winning team of the 18th edition of the Venture Challenge. The start-up Cyclomics has developed a technology to measure cancer recurrence in liquid biopsies, by detection of cancer mutations in blood at single-molecule sensitivity. This way the start-up aims to improve survival for many different… Continue reading

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum equips companies to advance personalised rare disease treatment

Developments in genomics have already been translated into personalised medicine and more effective treatments for rare diseases. National governments and companies are also investing in data-driven innovation that facilitates these prospects. To help companies access and take advantage of the wealth of data, ELIXIR organised a two-day ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum on 14-15 November 2017 in Paris, France. The event… Continue reading

What does FAIR mean for agricultural science?

Andrew Lyons, a researcher at the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) of the University of California, wrote a blogpost about the FAIR principles, the GO FAIR initiative and what it means for agricultural research. “ANR academics are impacted by the data tsunami in at least two ways (neither for good). Like all practicing scientists, we have to deal with the… Continue reading

Imaging data as a biomarker resource at Health-RI 2017

At the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017 in Utrecht, Hugo Aerts (Harvard Medical School) and Meike Venooij (Erasmus MC) will discuss the use of imaging data as a biomarker in prevention and personalised medicine. They will address developments in dementia research and oncology. Register for Health-RI 2017. View the conference programme. Quantitative image analysis approaches, including the extraction of quantitative imaging biomarkers, and the use… Continue reading

Working on Data Stewardship? Meet your Peers on 1 December!

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) and UKB working group Research Data (in collaboration with SURFacademy) are organising the second edition of a networking meeting for colleagues working in the new data professions. During the meeting, participants will get to know each other and learn from each other’s experiences. The meeting will take place on 1 December 2017… Continue reading

Setting sight on single cells: technological developments in the field of single cell analysis

New technologies enable scientists to study molecules at a single cell level. The field of Immunology was the first to perform single cell studies and other fields are now rapidly following. Professor Frits Koning and Dr Ahmed Mahfouz of LUMC share the latest developments in this hot topic. Frits Koning is Professor of Immunology at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).… Continue reading

Watch the video on ELIXIR’s human data activities

A new video presents an overview of ELIXIR’s activities and services in Human Genomics and Translational Data. Watch it on YouTube. ELIXIR is the European research infrastructure (ESFRI) dealing with all aspects of data in all branches of life sciences. DTL acts as the Dutch node of ELIXIR. To ensure that the services developed by the ELIXIR platforms are fit for… Continue reading