Hans van Duijn’s view on the NWO Roadmap

On 13 December 2016, NWO officially presented its ‘Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure’. The Roadmap contains 33 research facilities and clusters that will be given a top priority in Dutch science in the next four years. A total of 160 million euros is available to be distributed among the facilities. Professor Hans van Duijn is the Chair of the Permanent Committee that selected… Continue reading

Hands-on workshop on data management tools for translational research: a report

On 15 November 2016, TraIT, BBMRI-NL, and DTL co-organised a workshop about data management tools for translational research. The session was part of a Partnerships MeetUp, organised by Lygature. Workshop participants gained hands-on experience in biomedical translational data management, data sharing and associated infrastructures. BBMRI-NL, DTL and TraIT co-organised five busy and lively mini-workshops in collaboration with experts from their partners, notably Erasmus… Continue reading

NWO announces priority research facilities and clusters

This afternoon, NWO announced which research facilities and clusters will be given a top priority in Dutch science in the next four years. Sander Dekker (the Dutch Secretary of Education, Culture and Science) officially received the ‘Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure’ with 33 selected facilities and clusters during a presentation in The Hague. The 33 facilities and clusters are eligible for funding by NWO. Eighty million… Continue reading

14 December: Inaugural speech Connie Jimenez

You are invited to the inaugural lecture of Dr Connie Jimenez, who has been appointed as a Professor in Translational Oncoproteomics at the VU University in Amsterdam. Lecture title: TRANSLATIONELE ONCOPROTEOMICS: OVER VERTALEN VAN (FOSFO)EIWIT FINGERPRINTS Language: Dutch Location: Aula Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam Date and time: woensdag 14 december 2016 at 15:45 More information: full invitation

Join the SWAT4LS conference on 5-8 December 2016

The next Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences (SWAT4LS) conference will be held in Amsterdam on 5-8 December 2016. SWAT4LS 2016 will comprise a tutorials day (5 December, including a FAIR data stewardship tutorial), main conference (6-7 December), and a Hackathon day (8 December). Employees of DTL partners receive a 20% discount on the registration fee. The 2016 SWAT4LS conference… Continue reading

The FAIR side of Mendeley Data

In addition to Bring Your Own Data workshops (which focus on making research data FAIR), DTL regularly organises so-called ‘FAIR data hackathons‘. These events aim to make research tools FAIR. On 18 November 2016, a FAIR data hackathon was organised for Elsevier’s Mendeley open data repository.  Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help researchers organise their research, collaborate… Continue reading

Data handling: what’s in a name?

There currently is a lack of consensus about the nomenclature of various concepts in the field of data handling. This regularly gives rise to confusion. A number of people involved in the Data4lifesciences programme have generated a list of terms and definitions related to data handling. The team would appreciate your feedback on the list. Links to the terms and… Continue reading

8 December: information meeting ‘Toekomstfonds Onderzoeksfaciliteiten’

In 2017, the so-called ‘Toekomstfonds Onderzoeksfaciliteiten’ will make EUR 20 million available for investment in new and existing research facilities. Universities, universities of applied science, and research institutes can apply for loans ranging from EUR 1 million to EUR 15 million. Last year, the RekenDeltaPlan of DTL partner SURF was among the nominees.The tender will open on 2 January 2017 and the deadline for… Continue reading

EmTraG: new initiative to improve the coordination of metabolomics training across Europe

A European Metabolomics Training Coordination Group (EmTraG) has been launched to implement a metabolomics training strategy. EmTraG’s mission statement is: To further develop and harmonise metabolomics training across Europe in order to improve its scientific coverage, geographical reach, quality and impact, thereby empowering the next generation of analytical, computational and applied metabolomics scientists. EmTraG will collaborate closely with ELIXIR (and the ELIXIR… Continue reading

New SURFsara datacenter opened

On 8 November 2016, the new SURFsara datacenter was opened in the Amsterdam Data Tower. With a future storage capacity of an exabyte – 1 million terabytes – the Netherlands can enter the exa-scale league, the Champions League for scientific research. “It is a race between various countries involving top research, publications, Nobel prizes and the competitive strength of your… Continue reading