Jaap Heringa

Professor of Bioinformatics VU University Amsterdam Chair of the BioSB Board

Professor Frank van Harmelen

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Global leader in semantic web technology Specialisation: Data science and semantics

Professor Philippe Lambin

Maastricht University Lead translational research in Radiation Biology Specialisation: Biomedical, clinical research

Professor Cisca Wijmenga

University of Groningen Lead causal genetic factors of some hereditary diseases Specialisation: Human genetics

Professor Gerrit Meijer

Netherlands Cancer Institute Lead translational cancer research Specialisation: Pathology

Professor Bas Bloem

Radboudumc Innovator in healthcare specialised in neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders Specialisation: Neurology, clinical research

Professor Peter Hagoort

Max Planck Institute Lead functional neuroimaging Specialisation: Cognitive Neurosciences

Professor Peter Luijten

University Medical Centre Lead fundamental and translational magnetic resonance research in physiology and metabolism in a range of diseases Specialisation: Physical Chemistry, functional medical imaging research

Professor Edith Feskens

Wageningen University & Research Expert in epidemiology and human nutrition in amongst others Diabetes Mellitus, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse

Professor Vitor Martins dos Santos

Wageningen University & Research Head of the Dutch nodes of the ISBE and IBISBA infrastructures (ESFRI) Specialisation: Systems & Synthetic Biology, Systems Medicine