Examples of DMPs

At the DTL office, we are often asked for examples of good data management plans (DMPs) that can be reused for new projects. However, a DMP is tailored to a specific project and it is impossible to transfer this to another project. Creating a good DMP requires serious thought. The following suggestions may be helpful:

  • The FAIR data principles can provide handles.
  • Many funders and other organisations provide questions that must be answered in the DMP; these can serve as a template for your DMP (e.g., DMP online).
  • Some DMP sections (e.g., those describing the set-up of your organisation’s infrastructure), may be the same for all your projects, sometimes even for all projects at your institute. It is possible that for instance your ICT department can help you with a standardised description of their methods.
  • A data management policy document (i.e., a page describing how the DMP wil be created) can sometimes be transferred from one project to another. A good example of such a policy document was written by Rob van Nieuwpoort of the Netherlands eScience Center; you can download it here.