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Bioinformatics Industrial User Platform

Latest event: BIUP Company visit Genetwister on 27 January 2017 Thanks to Genetwister for hosting last week’s BIUP event! 20+ participants from diverse companies involved in bioinformatics shared  ideas on cloud computing (Bluebee), DTL (Inge Schats) and bioinformatics for plant breeding (Genetwister). And of course some time was reserved for networking. Anyone interested in hosting the next company visit? Contact… Continue reading

Bioinformatics Sequence Analysis

Course on Bioinformatics Sequence Analysis Date: March 2015 Target audience: Program: See course website. Course website:

Bioinformatics, computational and systems biology

  University Medical Centres: Bioinformatics Laboratory Academic Medical Centre (AMC)  Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI) Radboud UMC Pediatric Oncology / Bioinformatics Sophia Children’s hospital. Erasmus MC Cuppen group UMCU Department of molecular cancer research UMCU Section Functional Genomics VUmc   Universities: Dept. of Bioinformatics – BiGCaT Maastricht University Delft Bioinformatics Lab TU Delft Genomics Coordination Center Groningen UMCG… Continue reading

Bioinformatics, computational and systems biology

  University Medical Centres: Bioinformatics Laboratory Academic Medical Centre (AMC)  Bioinformatics Center of Expertise (BCE) Leiden UMC Biosemantics Group Leiden UMC / Erasmus MC / Leiden University Bioinformatics Group, Human Genetics Department Leiden UMC Human Genetics Department Leiden UMC Maastricht Radiation Oncology (MAASTRO) MAASTRO clinic Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI) Radboud UMC Genomics Coordination Center Groningen UMC Groningen… Continue reading

Selected projects 2013

In the Fall of 2013 ZonMw and NWO-ALW opened a call for project teams liaised with three Dutch Topsectors to obtain access to ‘Technology Hotels’ associated with DTL. After peer review, the following 35 projects have been selected. – 1 – Deconstructing the plant immune system by using a Fusarium effector protein as a probe Project applicant: University of Amsterdam,… Continue reading

Honory Doctorate Peer Bork

The Utrecht Bioinformatics Center has announced that Professor Peer Bork will be receiving an Honorary Doctorate on the occasion of Utrecht University’s Dies Natalis. You are invited to join the Dies Natalis ceremony on 27 March 2017 as well as the seminar by Peer Bork on 28 March 2017.  Peer Bork is a pioneering bioinformatics researcher. He has developed widely used bioinformatic… Continue reading

Eleni Mina -Jan van Rijn

Eleni Mina was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in March 1984. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece in 2007 and pursued her Masters degree in Applied Computing Science at Utrecht University, in 2010. During her masters she completed an internship in bioinformatics at the Holstege laboratory of the University… Continue reading

Using big bio-data to design better cell factories

The EU has granted EUR 6.3 million to the project DD-DeCaF in which DTL partner DSM participates. DD-DeCaF’s objective is to develop a computer tool that will allow biotech companies to design and engineer cell factories faster. Cell factories are genetically engineered microbes such as baker’s yeast and Escherichia coli. The tool will accelerate the production of sustainable biochemicals and healthier food. Cell… Continue reading
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