Hackathon to integrate the ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard with other ELIXIR resources

On December 4-6, 2018 the ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard team (ELIXIR-CZ, ELIXIR-NL) welcomed the FAIRsharing, TeSS (both ELIXIR-UK) and ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform – EeLP (ELIXIR-SI) teams to the beautiful city of Prague during the “Mikuláš” (Dutch “Sinterklaas”) celebrations, to take part in a hackathon to share information and work towards interoperability and integration between ELIXIR resources. An external services integration framework… Continue reading

Barend Mons interviewed about data stewardship and ‘FAIR’ data

At the Terena Networking Conference 2014 on 19 – 22 May 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, Barend Mons (keynote speaker at the conference and Head of Node of ELIXIR-NL) was interviewed about his view on the need for data stewardship for future research projects and why data should be ‘FAIR’ (Findable, Accessible Interoperable and Re-usable). You can find the YouTube video with… Continue reading

Netherlands joins international ELIXIR consortium on biological data

Utrecht, 3 February 2014 On the 28th of January 2014, the Dutch State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Sander Dekker, has ratified the international ELIXIR Consortium Agreement (ECA). This makes The Netherlands the seventh country – and eighth formal member of the ELIXIR research infrastructure with the tagline ‘Data for Life’.  Data for Life As the tagline suggests, the… Continue reading