About Technology Hotels

Around 120 Dutch life science expert groups have registered their facilities or expertise as DTL-associated ‘Technology Hotel’.

Public Technology Hotels are public research organisations that offer other researchers access to their high-end equipment and expertise in applying high-end analytical technologies in biological research projects. Hotel guests are life scientists that have no access to these particular technological facilities or expertise at their home institute. Access to the Hotels’ advanced expertise and infrastructure can be offered on a collaborative or cost-recovery basis.

Private Technology Hotels (also called ‘Service Providers’) are companies that offer technology services, mostly on a cost-recovery basis. The aim here is to provide (cost-)effective access to state-of-the-art technology services for research groups and other companies within the life sciences field.

Diverse profile
The Technology Hotels have a diverse profile:

  • specialised in technologies ranging from bioimaging to bioinformatics, genomics, medical imaging, metabolomics, phenotyping, proteomics, structural biology, and systems biology;
  • involved in life sciences domains ranging from health to agro, nutrition, industrial microbiology, ecology, and biodiversity;
  • located at universities, university medical centres, research institutes or private companies across the Netherlands.

DTL acts as a platform for these expert groups to collaborate and coordinate their activities, across life science domains and across technologies. Gathering in a national network enables the groups to