Enabling Technologies Hotels programme

In the ‘Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) programme’, life science researchers can apply for funding to get access to the high-end equipment and expertise of 130+ Technology Hotels that are listed on the DTL website. The 2017 call closed on 29 August 2017.

Technological expertise
ZonMw and NWO have set up the ETH programme in collaboration with DTL to stimulate open access of Dutch research facilities. The programme contributes to the aims of the Topsectors Life Sciences & Health, Agri & Food, and Horticulture & Starting Materials. In 2013-2015, three calls have been held, resulting in 95 granted projects. Many grant recipients have indicated that they will continue collaborating after the ETH project, for instance by jointly writing grant proposals or by financing follow-up research from their own means. So the programme has already resulted in fruitful new collaborations.

What is new
With a EUR 1.8 million budget, the 2017 programme is twice the size of the previous call. The 2017 budget will be evenly distributed over two different types of research projects:

  • Early career scientist projects, where it is not necessary to involve a company as co-applicant.The main applicant should be a scientist at a Dutch academic research organisation who obtained a PhD in 2009-present.
  • Public-private projects, i.e., collaborations between academic and industrial scientists. Projects in this category are asked to include the company as co-applicant. The companies are required to provide 10% co-funding in cash and/or in kind. The main applicant is a scientist at a Dutch academic research organisation, with no restrictions regarding the time since the PhD defence of the applicant.

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