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Bioinformatics Centre of Expertise LUMC

Contact Details

Leiden University Medical Center

Einthovenweg 20, NL-2333 ZC Leiden, The Netherlands, Building 2 (Room S-05-005)

Dr. J.J. Goeman, Dr. S.M. Kiełbasa

+31 (0)71 5269708, +31 (0)71 5269720

Hotel Description

The Bioinformatics Center of Expertise (BCE) gathers together all bioinformaticians of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and aims to make bioinformatics knowledge and advice available to all LUMC researchers.

It focusses on methods for analyzing, connecting and visualizing the large data sets that arise from modern high throughput molecular biology and imaging techniques.

It also facilitates cooperation and exchange of knowledge between bioinformaticians in meetings/seminars, and it organizes courses for researchers and students.

  • Expression data analysis, allelic expression, single cell expression, pathway analysis, gene set testing
  • High-throughput sequencing, transcriptomics, locus specific mutation databases
  • Sequence alignment, comparative sequence analysis
  • Statistical genetics, population genetics, genome wide association analysis, population stratification
  • Statistics
  • Computer science
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Human genetics

Expertise and Track Record

Up to our best knowledge none of other Dutch UMCs provide bioinformatics support in a form of similar organisation.

(please note, these are just the “closest” examples…)

A project of Remco van Doorn, LUMC Dermatology: normalization and statistical analysis of genomewide array-based DNA methylation measurements in melanoma.

A project of Martijn van Hemert and Adriaan de Wilde, LUMC Virology: normalization and statistical analysis of siRNA screens for finding antiviral host factors for SARS.

A project of Marcelo Navarrette and Hendrik Veelken: Immunobiological Subtypes of Follicular Lymphoma.

Several of participating bioinformaticians are NBIC Faculty members.

Hotel Characteristics

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