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Biometris Applied Statistics Facility

Contact Details

Wageningen University & Research

Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen

Ron Wehrens

0317 481247

Hotel Description

Are you sure your data analysis is state-of-the-art? That your experiments are designed optimally? And that you get the best out of your data? In this Big Data era, these questions are more important than ever. Biometris, covering a broad range of topics in applied statistics and mathematics, can help. The largest group of its kind in the Netherlands, Biometris has ample expertise in public-private partnerships and in collaborations with companies of all sizes. Our goal is to provide relevant answers based on sound statistical analysis. The presence of both academic and business-oriented expertise guarantees
state-of-the-art analysis and the highest possible quality.

  • Agri & Food
  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Bioinformatics
  • Metabolomics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Omics sciences (metabolomics, proteomics, genomics, ...)
  • Health sciences
  • Food sciences
  • Agricultural sciences

Expertise and Track Record

43500985053 Monitoring water migration in crispy snacks using NIR with M. Meinders (Wageningen UR). 43500985006 Proteomics analysis to identify the mechanism through which insect-digests counteract clostridium perfringens virulence with C. Govers (Wageningen University). 43500985005 Maximizing the sustainability of the asparagus crop: towards natural ingredients from vegetable waste with R. Hall (Wageningen Universiteit). 43500984031 Dynamics of mammary microbiome: identifying indicators for resilience during an E. coli intramammary challenge with M.C.M. de Jong (WUR). 4350098236 Analysing Big Data in two-dimensional volatile analysis with dr.ir. A.R. van der Krol (WUR).

Biometris offers state-of-the-art statistical support. Embedded in an applied research environment, there is a strong focus on delivering practical and usable results.

Over the last decade, Biometris has had and still is involved in numerous collaborations with industry, large companies as well as SMEs. The forms of these collaborations include public-private partnerships, bilateral projects and large consortia in European frameworks. Confidentiality and IP rights are defined on a case-by-case basis.

Data analysis is the core business of Biometris. In several projects we have combined data from different layers (genomics with phenotyping data; different types of omics data) to arrive at biological insights to the system under study. Data fusion has been the topic of several of our publications.

  • Validation of multivariate classification methods using analytical fingerprints – concept and case study on organic feed for laying hens Alewijn, Martin ; Voet, Hilko van der; Ruth, Saskia van (2016) Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 51 . - p. 15 - 23.
  • Back to acid soil fields : The citrate transporter sbmate is a major asset for sustainable grain yield for sorghum cultivated on acid soils Carvalho, Geraldo ; Schaffert, Robert Eugene ; Malosetti Zunin, Marcos ; Eeuwijk, Fred van (2016) G3 : Genes Genomes Genetics 6 (2). - p. 475 - 484.
  • Genome-wide association mapping and genomic prediction elucidate the genetic architecture of morphological traits in arabidopsis Kooke, Rik ; Kruijer, Willem ; Bours, Ralph ; Becker, Frank ; Kuhn, A. ; Geest, Henri van de; Buntjer, Jaap ; Doeswijk, Timo ; Guerra, José ; Bouwmeester, Harro ; Vreugdenhil, Dick ; Keurentjes, Joost J.B. (2016) Plant Physiology 170 (4). - p. 2187 - 2203.
  • The MCRA model for probabilistic single-compound and cumulative risk assessment of pesticides Voet, H. van der; Boer, W.J. de; Kruisselbrink, J.W. ; Goedhart, P.W. ; Heijden, G.W.A.M. van der; Kennedy, M.C. ; Boon, P.E. ; Klaveren, J.D. van (2015) Food and Chemical Toxicology 79 . - p. 5 - 12.
  • Bovine Milk Proteome in the First 9 Days: Protein Interactions in Maturation of the Immune and Digestive System of the Newborn Zhang, L. ; Boeren, J.A. ; Hageman, J.A. ; Hooijdonk, A.C.M. van; Vervoort, J.J.M. ; Hettinga, K.A. (2015) PLoS One 10 (2). - 19 p.
  • Equivalence analysis to support environmental safety assessment: Using nontarget organism count data from field trials with cisgenically modified potato. van der Voet, H., Goedhart, P. W., García-Ruiz, E., Escorial, C. & Tulinská, J., Food and Chemical Toxicology. 125, p. 540-548 (2019)
  • Genomic prediction of maize yield across European environmental conditions Millet, E. J., Kruijer, W., Coupel-Ledru, A., Alvarez Prado, S., Cabrera-Bosquet, L., Lacube, S., Charcosset, A., Welcker, C., van Eeuwijk, F. & Tardieu, F. Nature Genetics. 51, p. 952-956 (2019)
  • Accurate genotype imputation in multiparental populations from low-coverage sequence Zheng, C., Boer, M. P. & van Eeuwijk, F. A. Genetics. 210, 1, p. 71-82 (2018)
  • Statistical models discriminating between complex samples measured with microfluidic receptor-cell arrays. Wehrens, R.; Roelse, M.; Henquet, M.; Van Lenthe, M.; Goedhart, P.W.; Jongsma, M.A. PLoS ONE 4 (14), e0214878 (2019)
  • Improved batch correction in untargeted MS-based metabolomics. Wehrens, R.; Hageman, J.A.; Van Eeuwijk, F.; Kooke, R.; Flood, P.J.; Wijnker, E., Keurentjes, J.J.B.; Lommen, A.; Van Eekelen, H.D.L.M.; Hall, R.D; Mumm, R;, De Vos, R.C.H. Metabolomics 12, 1-12 (2016)


Hotel Characteristics

  • postdocs (3 fte)
  • lab manager (1 fte)
  • biostaticians (15 fte)
  • IT-specialists (5 fte)


  • None - our facility is making our expertise available, not equipment


Since we do not generate the data ourselves but typically obtain them from our partners, the data repositories are the ones used by our partners.