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Blox Group

Contact Details

Saturnusstraat 60 – U67 2516 AH Den Haag

Hans de Boer

0031 85 4010310

Hotel Description

Blox Group is a SME specialized in tailored IT services for information and business process

  • Blox Group is focused on supporting life science research by means of IT and does not perform life science research independently.

Expertise and Track Record

Blox Group is one of the few small businesses specializing in IT support in the field of medical research and specifically longitudinal studies.

Blox Group is a partner of the SPOTLIGHT project, a FP7 funded European research project focusing on prevention of obesity (see also http://www.spotlightproject.eu/). Next to that, Blox Group also participates in the String of Pearls Initiave , which is a partnership between the eight university medical centres in the Netherlands (see also http://www.string-of-pearls.org/).

Hotel Characteristics

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