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CBS Microdata Services

Contact Details

CBS Microdata Services

Henri Faasdreef 312 2492 JP The Hague

0031 (0)70 3375006

Hotel Description

CBS has lots of (FAIR) microdata at the level of persons, companies and addresses. We want to give researchers the possibility to use these data to conduct statistical research. Researchers working at authorised organisations can apply for a project. Universities and organisations doing social statistical research can get authorised.

Microdata are linkable data, which can be made available to researchers via a secure internet environment (Remote Access). Strict protection of privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed by a number of administrative procedures and technical measures. A range of software tools standard available within this environment.

Researcher are allowed to export results, but only aggregated so that no information about individual persons or institutions can be retrieved. The facility may be used for statistical/research purposes only, and results need to be made publicly accessible

Data available are from registers or surveys, like tax data, BRP, BAG or Chamber of Commerce or Labor Force Survey. Topics covered are:

  • Labour and social security
  • Enterprises
  • Population
  • Construction and dwellings
  • Financial and business services
  • Health and welfare
  • Trade, hotels and restaurants
  • Income and expenditure
  • International trade
  • Manufacturing industry and energy
  • Agriculture
  • Macroeconomics
  • Nature and environment
  • The Netherlands, regional
  • Education Government and politics
  • Prices
  • Security and justice
  • Traffic and transport
  • Leisure and culture

Documentation reports for all datasets can be found on the internet.

Next to do analyses on these data they can be merged and expanded with your own or other external microdata. Microdata services can anonymise these in the CBS way so that they can also be merged. Concerning health, for example, data from Lifelines or Nivel could be uploaded.

  • Biomedical & health
  • Other
  • Safe (personal) data transport from source to CBS
  • Anonimisation from personal or other micro level data to CBS numbers

Expertise and Track Record

Together with SurfSara we are working on facilitating the use of HPC for faster processing of big datasets and complex syntaxes.

  • All publications made with the facility of CBS Microdata services can be found at https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/onze-diensten/maatwerk-en-microdata/microdata-zelf-onderzoek-doen/publicaties

Hotel Characteristics

Upload and merging safety comply with ISO27002 (chapter13.2 information transport). This is tested every year by a different auditor.

Depends on the project, but data about demography, income and education are very frequently used in all kinds of research projects. In life sciences medicin use, hospitalisation, causes of death, costs of health use are wanted datasets.