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ClinicaGeno Ltd

Contact Details

Clinicageno Ltd.

11 Station Approach, Coulsdon CR5 2NR UK


Alex Michie, Thomas Binsl

Alex Michie: +44 77 79 09 99 57, Thomas Binsl: +1 778 967 3029

Hotel Description

Clinicageno Ltd. are specialist partners offering data analysis, algorithm and software development services in the Life Sciences – with the ability to perform basic research all the way through to deploying medical diagnostic software solutions. We have extensive experience developing data-based solutions in cross-
domain projects bridging diverse areas of science and IT, Bioinformatics and software development for new medical diagnostic products as well as the development of validated software where regulatory compliance is

  • Biomedical & health
  • Other
  • Bioinformatics
  • Systems Biology
  • Software Validation
  • Compliance
  • Medical Diagnostics (e.g. bacteria diagnosis, celiac disease diagnostics, etc.)

Expertise and Track Record

The key features of the market that Clinicageno Ltd. is aiming at (diagnostic IT and algorithm development) is relatively new, and very specialized both in terms of domain knowledge and regulatory experience. This means that typical IT companies do not have an easy route into this market as they quite simply do not have the in-house skills to enter. There are a small number of players in the domain-focused “IT for science” market, but few of these have any experience in regulatory-compliant development. Thus by aiming at this very specialized area of the market Clinicageno Ltd. has selected a market with very little competition.

Alex Michie’s previous experience includes the development of the IT infrastructure of a company operating in the field of cancer diagnostics where the technology is currently undergoing final certification by the FDA. Similarly, Thomas Binsl was in charge of developing the analysis algorithm and IT infrastructure for a company operating in the bacterial diagnostic market and was also responsible for quality and process control. Together, Alex and Thomas have also implemented a Quality Management System including a computer system  validation approach according to GAMP 5. Five example projects are given below. All projects consisted of IT infrastructure and analysis algorithm development, database design and regulatory compliance:

  • Bacteria diagnostics (currently used in multiple Dutch hospitals)
  • Celiac disease diagnostics (currently used in multiple Dutch hospitals)
  • Point-of-care microbiological diagnostic platform (H2020 Project)
  • Arthritis medication prognosis
  • IVF success prognosis

Hotel Characteristics

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