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Data Computing

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Secure Data Computing Technologies

Kerkenbos 1079kk 6546 BB Nijmegen

Maurice Verheesen


Hotel Description

Secure Data Computing Technologies

We provide IT-Security services and products to protect privacy and research data.

  • Personal locker technology
  • Security quick scan & gap analysis
  • Security awareness training
  • Digital self defense Privacy cafe
  • Security officer as a Service
  • Special security products

We help you share your research data securely and prevent invasion of privacy when dealing with personal/patient data.

  • Agri & Food
  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Other
  • IPFS - distributed filesystem technology
  • Single Page Web application technology (Django, Ionic, Angular)
  • Python, NumPy, R statistics
  • Security awareness training
  • Security officer as a Service

Expertise and Track Record

Personal locker technology (beta, early access for DTL members)
Share your research data securely, log who has accessed it and when, no-complex infrastructure necessary, will implement FAIR Linked Data Point in the near future.

We are working on distributed storage lockers, that are easy to maintain in infrastructure, implement a FAIR data point and provide cryptographic security and logging.

First use-case is the “bedweter” application, created with this technology. It’s an application used to securely share the availability of “eerstelijnsverblijf bedden” between different organisations (insurance companies, nurses, nursing homes). It works without the need to connect the different IT infrastructures of the organisations!

Personal locker technology:



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Working on ISO 27001, NEN7510

github and gitlab