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Louis Braillelaan 80 (Ground floor), 2719 EK Zoetermeer

Arie Baak


Hotel Description

We provide a knowlegde platform with multi-omics data for life sciences that includes at present over 200 databases (including Pubmed) and can integrate private data with minimal effort (no coding required). All the data is integrated and optimised for effective and efficient search and analytics capabilities that are accessible via a front-end and a well documented high performance API.

Two front-end applications are available:
(Re)Search: finding literature references by including synonyms for search terms. Use millions of scientific annotations to find relations in key biological categories.
Analytics: an analytics platform, fully integrated with the research engine, that helps to develop new insights into the detailed bio-molecular mechanism such as pathways, cell functions and protein interactions, even when not directly mentioned in literature (yet).

In addition we provide Consulting Service: a unique ‘you ask, we answer’ service for specific research questions and projects.

  • Agri & Food
  • Biomedical & health
  • Bio-informatics
  • Consulting service
  • All therapeutic areas

Expertise and Track Record

Euretos has a number of unique advantages:

  • Over 200 pre-integrated life sciences database including Pubmed
  • Ability to load public and private data without requiring coding: this makes keeping data up to date and continuously expanding a realistic expectation
  • The ability to export any data that is loaded into a public and open (FAIR) data format, ensuing all private data in the system is also provided to the customer in a data format they fully control
  • Embedded high performance search and analytics algorithms and optimisations that enable a responsive user experience on a very modest hardware configuration
  • Proven workflows, optimised for life sciences research that are proven valuable to scientific users

The Euretos Knowledge Platform was used to answer research questions in early drug discovery projects. Some examples:
• Target analysis: use the molecular interactions and pathways of a target to determine biologically most strongly associated diseases and phenotypes (External Innovation Unit, European Pharma)
• Biomarker for Endometriosis (Scientific Information Technologies unit, European large pharma)
• Novel targets for inflammatory bowel & lung disease (Non-Clinical Development, US large pharma)
• Novel molecular mechanisms for Fibrosis (Translational Science Unit, large US Pharma)
• Drug resistance diagnostics marker colorectal cancer (Dutch Cancer Institute)
• Antibody drug conjugates: targets on the cell surface which are internalized and transported to the lysosome (Preclinical Research Unit, Midsize European biotech)

More details on these projects cannot be disclosed.


Hotel Characteristics

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