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Future Genomics Technologies

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Future Genomics Technologies

Biopartner 2, J.H. Oortweg 19, 2333 CH Leiden

Ron Dirks

+31 (0)71 3322270

Hotel Description

Future Genomics Technologies, founded in 2017, is a collaboration between biotech company BaseClear and Leiden University. We work closely together with Oxford Nanopore Technologies and use their revolutionary nanopore sequencing platforms to develop new genomics applications. We will be one of the world’s first Oxford Nanopore Technologies certified sequencing providers. Our customers include biotechnological and (bio)pharmaceutical companies, academic and research institutes, as well as agro- and food industries. New DNA technologies are rapidly being developed and will have an increasing impact on the world and on people’s daily life. Future Genomics Technologies aims to translate academic knowledge and novel technologies into usable applications and provide early and easy access to these applications. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals using cutting edge sequencing and bioinformatics technology. Our solutions include genome assembly, transcriptome profiling and the bioinformatics analysis that are needed to get access to the results of your project.

Genome assembly

With our extensive knowledge we can offer solutions that cover the whole process of going from a biological sample to a complete genome sequence and even publication. These include:

  • Storage and DNA extraction from all biological samples.
  • Custom sequencing strategies using both short and long read sequencing platforms.
  • De novo genome assembly into contigs and scaffolds using custom made software.
  • Re-sequencing of genomes and analysis of structural variation.

Transcriptome profiling

Studying gene expression can be important to understand biology. We have the knowledge to offer the right solutions that enable you to study transcriptomes in different ways:

  • Storage and RNA extraction from all biological samples.
  • Standard short read cDNA library preparation and sequencing.
  • Standard long read full length cDNA library preparation and sequencing.
  • Single cell transcriptomic profiling.
  • Direct RNA sequencing using long read RNA sequencing.


With the ever-increasing amounts of sequence data, it has become more important to make this data accessible in a meaningful way. We offer solutions that will help you understand and analyze your data.

  • Short and long read transcriptome analysis.
  • De novo genome assembly from bacterial genomes up to the largest genomes using our proprietary TULIP assembly software.
  • Further analysis of assembled genomes: gene prediction, gene annotation.
  • Custom solutions for any questions you might have.
  • Biomedical & health

Expertise and Track Record

43500984130 Detection of viable Norovirus in shellfish using Nanopore sequencing with H.P. Spaink (Leiden University). 43500984064 The Spodoptera exigua genome – a key model for insect pest control with V.I.D. Ros (Wageningen University)

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