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High Field MRI Group UMC Utrecht

Contact Details

UMC Utrecht

Heidelberglaan 100 3584 CX Utrecht room Q 04.4.300

Prof. dr. P.R. Luijten

0031 (0)88 755 1388 (#3774)

Hotel Description

The UMC Utrecht High Field MRI group is world leading in the clinical application of ultra-high field MRI applications in CNS, oncology and cardio-vascular disease. The group has expertise in the design, translation and application of innovative magnetic resonance and spectroscopy applications using high magnetic field strengths.

Medical imaging
  • Biomedical & health
  • Medical imaging using ultra high field MRI
  • High precision imaging
  • Ultra high field MRI
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Spectroscopy
  • Functional & molecular imaging

Expertise and Track Record

40-43500-98-5001 Localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the human heart at 7 Tesla, with O.T. Bakermans (Amsterdam UMC – locatie AMC)

Currently, the UMCU has the (world wide) largest and most productive group in providing ultra high field MRI technology for clinical use. The installed base comprises two (horizontal) pre-clinical MRI systems (9.4 and 4.7T, both Varian) and a large bore 7T system for human applications. A second large bore (Philips) 7T system (next generation magnet technology) is under constructions. The group is experienced in high field MR pulse sequencing, RF technology and RF coil building. A spin-out company (MRcoils) has been created for the production and maintenance of coils and other ultra high field components for platforms from different manufacturers.

  • MRI coil design: introduction of new coil designs that can be used at ultra high field strengths van den Bergen B, Klomp DW, Raaijmakers AJ, et al. Uniform prostate imaging and spectroscopy at 7 T: comparison between a microstrip array and an endorectal coil. NMR Biomed. May 2011;24(4):358-365
  • Petridou N, Italiaander M, van de Bank BL, Siero JC, Luijten PR, Klomp DW. Pushing the limits of high-resolution functional MRI using a simple high-density multi-element coil design. NMR Biomed. Jan 2013;26(1):65-73
  • RF pulse design: new mathematical modeling for pulse designs Sbrizzi A, Hoogduin H, Lagendijk JJ, Luijten P, Sleijpen GL, van den Berg CA. Fast design of local N-gram-specific absorption rate-optimized radiofrequency pulses for parallel transmit systems. Magn Reson Med. Mar 2012;67(3):824-834.
  • New methods for the detection of ultra small multiple sclerose lesions in the cortex de Graaf WL, Kilsdonk ID, Lopez-Soriano A, et al. Clinical application of multi-contrast 7-T MR imaging in multiple sclerosis: increased lesion detection compared to 3 T confined to grey matter. Eur Radiol. Feb 2013;23(2):528-540.
  • New method for the (direct) detection of myocardial fibrosis de Jong S, Zwanenburg JJ, Visser F, et al. Direct detection of myocardial fibrosis by MRI. J Mol Cell Cardiol. Dec 2011;51(6):974-979.
  • The use of FLAIR at ultra high field MRI Visser F, Zwanenburg JJ, Hoogduin JM, Luijten PR. High-resolution magnetization-prepared 3D-FLAIR imaging at 7.0 Tesla. Magn Reson Med. Jul 2010;64(1):194-202.

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