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Laboratory of Plant Physiology Wageningen UR

Contact Details

Wageningen University

Droevendaalsesteeg 1 6708 PB Wageningen

Dr. D. Vreugdenhil

0031 (0)317 484229 0031 (0)317 482147

Hotel Description

Our group works on the performance of plants,
under optimal and suboptimal (stress) conditions. We try to unravel regulatory
mechanisms controlling plant growth and development, allowing the plant to
develop, adapting to (changing) environmental conditions. In the research, we
often use genetic tools to find underlying genes and networks. This inevitably
implies the analysis of large number of plants.

We developed several  tools:
• Penotyping facility – to automatically phenotype plant growth over
time, extracting parameters like, relative growth rates, plant size, leaf
number, shape etc.;
• Oscillator: a system for the analysis of rhythmic leaf growth movement in mature
• Luminator: in planta gene expression using luciferase under diurnal light/temp

  • In vivo imaging
  • Plant phenotyping
  • Growth analysis
  • Plant performance
  • Stress response
  • Plant environment interaction
  • Gene expression
  • Stress response

Expertise and Track Record

Phenotyping facility: scale (upto 3000 plants,
image every 5 minutes) is unique in NL

OSCILLATOR: unique in the world

LUMINATOR: unique in the world

·        STW project: Genomic approaches unraveling abiotic stress responses in field grown Solanaceae crops
·        CIPY project: Molecular phenotyping of plant growth: role of plant hormones
·        CBSG 2012: two large projects
·        TTI-GG project compact plants (PhD R. Bours)
·        EU project MOMEVIP (T. Delatte)
·        TTI-GG project compact plants (phd R. Bours)
·        EU project MOMEVIP (T. Delatte)

Hotel Characteristics