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Naturalis Laboratories for Research and Education

Contact Details

Naturalis NBC

Sylviusweg 72, 2333 BE Leiden

Arjen Speksnijder


Hotel Description

The high throughput DNA barcoding facility for species characterization and identification is the largest in Europe and the combination with the next generation sequencing facility is it unique in the world for wildlife forensic research. We identify species from single specimen samples and remains by DNA sequencing and comparison to validated databases.

For molecular identification of complex samples (including water, soil, air, feces, gut) we identify plants, animals, bacteria and fungi through our next generation sequencing facility  and bioinformatics pipeline. Our ancient DNA facility is available for DNA extraction from museum collection materials and paleo-archeological samples.

For morphological analysis we have a wide range of high end microscopy solutions including electron microscopy and micro-tomography.

  • Agri & Food
  • Biodiversity & ecology
  • Biomedical & health
  • Other
  • sample preparation and preservation
  • imaging: 3D, stacking, scanning
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny
  • Character Evolution and Speciation
  • Biodiversity assesment

Expertise and Track Record

The DNA barcoding facility is the largest is Europe, the next generation sequencing in combination with imaging facilities is unique in the world. The high resolution micro-CT scan is the first in the Netherlands for biological specimens. The electron microscope facilities are unique in Europe in its combination with the craftsmanship in sample handling of biological and geological specimens.

Dutch Customs, Dutch Military, Dutch Forensic Institute for identifying endangered species and their origin. e.g. wood, scent sticks, plants, reptiles, bird strikes etc. https://science.naturalis.nl/en/labs-services/Services/wildlife-forensics/

Supporting biodiversity projects and research at Naturalis, in the Netherlands and worldwide. also specific Museomics projects. https://science.naturalis.nl/en/research/


museomics, genomics and imaging

  • https://science.naturalis.nl/en/research/applied-research/
  • https://science.naturalis.nl/en/research/publications/

Barcoding of Life initiative (BOLD)

EU-COST (DNAquanet)

Hotel Characteristics

  • 8 dedicated technicians
  • 1 labmanager
  • 1 IT specialist


  • https://science.naturalis.nl/en/labs-services/laboratories/
  • Ion Torren PGM system
  • Zeiss Xradia 520 micro-CT
  • JSF7600F FEG-SEM
  • JEM 1400+ TEM
  • Skyscan 1172 micro-CT

Towards ISO 17025

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