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Omnigen BV

Papsouwselaan 119-A

Berry Kriesels

+31 85 04 33 222

Hotel Description

Omnigen is specialised in genetic profiling and screening of both microarray as WES and WGS data.  We can offer both quantitative genetic analysis as data mining services.

Official Google partner: Omnigen is also official Google genomics implementation partner. Therefore we can help implement Google (genomics) and cloud services for use in academic research.

Pancreatic research: We work on the development of a clinical decision making tool (PITA, Personalised Insightful Treatment Advice). On this project we collaborate with the Erasmus Medical Center and other European partners.

  • Biomedical & health
  • Other
  • Google cloud computing
  • Quantative genetics
  • R statistics
  • bio-informatics
  • Scientific software development
  • Pancreatic cancer screening
  • Equine genetics
  • Personal genetics

Expertise and Track Record

No expertise for this hotel.

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