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Optical Imaging Centre Erasmus MC

Contact Details

Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Dr. Molewaterplein 50 3015 GE Rotterdam

Prof. dr. A.B. Houtsmuller

00(0)6 46 1 545 64

Hotel Description

The Erasmus Optical Imaging Centre (OIC) has been operational since 2004. Currently, we operate more than 15 advanced imaging systems, including super-resolution, confocal, TIRF, and laser-microdissection microscopes.
The OIC has been at the forefront in the development of live-cell confocal microscopy and funtional imaging. (FRAP, FRET, FCS). Our centre has an open organization structure and our policy is to grant open access to all interested scientists from within and outside the Erasmus MC. The number of users has been growing over the years to currently about 200 scientists actively using the equipment.
This group participates in NL-BioImaging AM (www.eurobioimaging.nl).
Further information can be found here: www.erasmusmc.nl/oic

  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • Functional imaging
  • Nanoscopy / super-resolution imaging
  • Intravital imaging
  • Laser microdissection
  • DNA repair
  • Medical cell biology

Expertise and Track Record

Development and implementation of calibration standards for biomedical superresolution fluorescence microscopy With Hagen (TU Delft).

Hotel Characteristics

  • Super-resolution: Zeiss Elyra PS1 (SIM / PALM), Leica 4Pi; Confocal: 4x Leica SP5 (1x MP, 1x MP-OPO), 1x Zeiss LSM510, 3x Zeiss Meta510 +FCS, 2x Zeiss LSM700, 1x Nikon/Roper Spinningdisk; Other: 1x Nikon/Roper TIRF, 1x Niokn widefield, 1x Zeiss PALM laser microdissection