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Pivot Park Screening Centre

Contact Details

Pivot Park

Kloosterstraat 9, 5349 AB Oss


Steven van Helden

+31(0)412 846050

Hotel Description

PPSC provides services in the field of assay development and high throughput screening. We have a 300.000 compound library including known drugs and reference compounds for validation purposes.

Also available is our open access lab where full automation (e.g. pipetting robots, multi-mode plate readers, FLIPR and high content analysis) is available to perform experiments in microtitre plates efficiently.

PPSC is the central screening site for the European Lead Factory.

  • Biomedical & health
  • Industrial biotech
  • drug discovery
  • compound management
  • data processing
  • all therapeutic areas

Expertise and Track Record

43500984083 A high-throughput assay for regenerative medicine: detecting oxidative stress in 3D cell cultures with V.L.S. LaPointe (MUMC+). 43500984080 Development of a high-throughput small molecule screening assay for phenotypical characterization of lysosomal storage disorder-affected cells, with infantile cystinosis as a proof of principle with M.J. Janssen (Utrecht University). 43500984039 Development of HTS-compatible assay for identification of promoters and stabilizers for S100A8/S100A9 tetramerization with M.H. van den Bosch (Radboudumc). 43500984006 Selecting and optimizing ultrahigh-throughput assays for the screening of small molecules to target thrombosis without affecting hemostasis with J.W.M. Heemskerk (Maastricht University)

ultra high throughput screening: testing of libraries >= 300.000 compounds

advanced read out technologies in 384 and 1536 well microtiter plates

full automation for testing microtiter plates

extensive knowledge of  drug discovery applications


central screening site for the European Lead Factory an IMI funded project performing >20 full deck screens per year for academia and SME’s (www.europeanleadfactory.eu)

European Lead Factory


Hotel Characteristics

  • 20
  • 4


  • Beckman coulter robotic systems, highres robotic systems, envisions, FLIPR, dispensers, ECHO acoustic dispensers, Biomek pipetting robots (multichannel & needles), several dispensers, plate washer, automated incubators