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Quaero Systems

Contact Details

Quaero Systems

Visiting address: Fransebaan 592-B, 5627 JM Eindhoven Postal address: Postbus 65, 5680AB, Best, The Netherlands

J.E. Dirksen


Hotel Description

The team of Quaero Systems Biomedical Informatics (BMI) offers a wide range of information services to support researchers in the field of bioinformatics and Life Sciences / Health Care, Agri &Food industry. BMI staff provides life science researchers with safe and efficient solutions for information technology, implementing existing technologies, where available, and developing new methods and solutions if necessary. The BMI core promotes collaboration locally and among other scientific, related institutions.

The BMI Core helps Life Sciences, Health Care and Agri & Food researchers during project conceptualization, granting and deploying secure data storage and processing methods. This core can assist Quaero Systems members in collaborations, consultations, operations and research and development and implementation for your biobank and translational research studies.
The core of the core is Quaero Systems BMI, Director Jantine Dirksen

For more information or contact us, you can set up a consultation.

  • Agri & Food
  • Industrial biotech
  • Other
  • Biodiversity & ecology
  • Biomedical & health
  • Biobank-Research process management
  • FAIR portal (FAIR data at source)
  • Multi Center project facility: Local, National and International
  • Open Sciences (Data Governance, FAIRdata, datastewardship)
  • IT infrastructure and Research infrastructures (GDPR 2018 compliant, Tier III & Architecture "design by item")
  • Biobanking (Knowledge and Quaero application Software As A Service (SAAS))
  • Genetic and Rare Diseases
  • Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
  • Human Nutrition
  • Veterinary Research & Diagnostics

Expertise and Track Record

Academic organizations

Veterinary organizations

Agri & Food industry

General hospitals

Private Clinics

DTL Partner ( FAIR Data hackathons, DTL Hotel, Health RI supporting organization)

  • J.Vos,Examining the needs and necessities for the setup of a clinical biobank within the Jeroen Bosch hospital (2017), Radboud University
  • F.Kistemaker & J.Dirksen, One Health Biobank 2017, Biobank Brabant REAP

Elsi 2.0, Permides, Health-RI, Go FAIR

Hotel Characteristics

  • PhD-level scientists: 1
  • Dedicated knowledge Research-, Biobank- and Logistic sample management: 4
  • Biostaticians: 3
  • IT_specialists: 4
  • Preferred IT partner Sogeti or IT partner on request customer
  • Cloud Research Biobank Information Management System (SAAS)
  • Project management
  • Datamanagement: Governance, Datastewardship, SOP, FAIR dataportal, Documentation
  • Datamigration
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Advice & Consultancy
  • IT-Infrastructure (PAAS and IAAS)

Tier III, ISO 27001, NEN7510

BBMRI EU/NL PSI MIABIS GritHub SNOMED CT SPREC ICD10 Map and other public data repositories are routinely used in everyday practice